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The Life

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The Story

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In the narrow streets of Strasbourg a multitude of sounds and noises arise coming from the traffic, the busy bypasers at the “Carré d’Or” (the Golden Square), the screaming cooks and waiters of the Kammerzell, the laughing youth after the bell rings at the “la Main Noire” (the black hand) school… Others come from the basements of the city where young musicians and recluse bands burrow in confined rooms called “the studios”. The last bastions where they can pursue their passion and talent without having to wipe complaints of rowdiness… That is any cities paradox : those who practice the sounds and the harmonies have to work in the shadows and most discretely possible before moving onto the light. They are plenty who dream of one day breaking through.

One of them, like a young and fiery chick, seems to show something that has never been seen nor heard before. The Grand Bay, a borrowed patronymic from a coastal city in the Mauritius Island, is composed of 4 active members.

Created and led by the impulsion of two men, Lukass Edgar and Rajen Gimbro, who make up one so much their ideas are close, they lead the ship of a project that they hold so dearly. They surf a wave of ideas that fuels their motivation, constantly willing to create more beautiful music. The group grows and, after almost a year of existance, successively two other severely chosen members join.

Thus Eliade "The Thinker" imposes his striking flow with his husky and grating timbre that will shake your skeleton at the end of each verse. He is supported by the rythmic percussions of Jérôme Grelo, that leads the beat like a locomotive. The innovative melodies produced by the multitaskers Rajen and Lukass sometimes with a harmonious bass, a distant guitar, a modern synthesizer and pieces of music cut here and there give structure to the music of The Grand Bay. The soul of the band is completed when the enchanting and deep voice of Lukass brings balance, color and emotion through his text that express spiritual evasion, passion of travelling, the love of a woman...

This young band is driven by the simplest of desires, the one of mingled creation and a strong friendship. When together in their obscur underground, the magic sweeps them away, the sounds come out of the amps and suddenly you take off into the cosmos, through the cold Baltic sea and the warm colors of the indian ocean. The band pleases, that is a certainty, the music pleases, that is a certainty. .... The Grand Bay gets regularly on stage since February 2015. Crossing the big stages of Strasbourg like "La Laiterie" or "Le Molodoï", or more intimatly the alternative art galerie "La Popartiserie". Their success drove them quickly to the capital [Paris] during the festival InrocksLab, thanks to which they successfully launched a crowdfunding campaign to record their first EP. A new experience for the group that has to learn the meticulous work of the studio.

Created by Lukass Edgar in 2015